Sunday, October 24, 2021

Camping on Raquette Lake

 Returned to Boucher Point for a short hike in camping trip. Andy was the first to arrive and I followed shortly after. He and I gathered wood, plenty for the day and night. Other trickled in and we had a good time hanging out, eating and drinking. The next morning, Andy I were both up before the sun. He made us coffee heating water with his alcohol stove. As the sky lightened, we could see the thiick fog over thelake. It was neat watching the rising sun slowly dissipate the fog.


Jim used the morning light to capture some great photos and made a short video of our trip too.  I was happy with my one photo of the lake and fog. After breakfast we packed up the trash and headed home. Just an easy relaxing camping trip with good food, fine drink, and great friends.

Jim's Video:


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