Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hickory Creek in the Allegheny Forest

21-22 June 2008. Hickory Creek in the Allegheny Forest in PA. Me, Glen, and Jen departed Sat AM. Arrived at the trailhead around noon. After signing in we hiked to Jacks Run counterclockwise. We had heard thunder rumblings in the distance but the sky was still clear. We continued to the 3rd campsite at Jacks Run. After setting up camp we made a fire and cooked dinner. Soon after we had finished the first of the rain began. It was light and refreshing. By 9pm we had a torrential downpour with the full storm. A group of hikers passed through on their way to another site? Slept soundly in the hammock though there is a small part of the tarp I need to seam seal a little better. Started a fire the next morning with wet wood. I surprised myself.12 miles total.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Chris and I left Sat AM and parked off Potomac Rd near Foster's Pond. We hiked in the 100yds to the campsite. After setting up camp we hiked to Foster's Pond and then down the Interlocken trail to the Burnt Hill Trail. We passed the pastures and the radio tower. We met up again with the Interlocken and continued South. We took the Gorge trail almost to its Eastern Terminus where we stopped for lunch right at the property line in the Hemlocks overlooking the gorge. Back up the trail to the Interlocken and then continued to the Dunham Leanto. We came back to Fosters via the Interlocken. 10 miles total, 5hours start to finish. Made a fire, had a summer shower in the rain. Temp was 92*F (record high was 89*F set in 1955). Ate some sausage over the fire wrapped in tortilla. Slept soundly in the hammock till 6am. Came home right after breakfast the the Ovid Diner.