Monday, October 28, 2019

Relaxing, camping and cooking. Deerland Carry Lean-to

This weekend was the annual meeting for the NPT Chapter in Long Lake. So as to get to the meeting on Sunday morning I chose to camp at a lean-to situated not far away. Before getting to camp I did a short day hike up a small mountain on the drive up. I had passed by this trailhead many times en route to other locations. This trip gave me the opportunity to rectify the oversight.

While not a challenging mountain, only about a mile to the top, it did have some nice views and exposed rock. It was also quite busy. By the time I got back to my car, the lot was over capacity.

I then drove towards Forked Lake. The lean-to is located just downstream from the falls. Actually two lean-tos. I set up at the nicer of the two and collected a bit of firewood. Spent the day reading and cooking. Made a nice skillet stew. I did not stay up too much past sunset. I was up before the sun as was the rain. I packed up and headed out as the sun was rising to get to my meeting. Love these sit around and relax trips sometimes.

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