Sunday, July 13, 2008

WM C WHITNEY WA/Little Tupper lake and Rock Pond

11-13 July 2008
WM C WHITNEY WA/Little Tupper lake and Rock Pond

Chris and I feft Friday at 7:30am from Rochester. Arrived in 4.5 hours at the Ranger Station and put-in. Ate lunch and launched kayaks. Paddled around a bit and checked out site #7. Saw what appeared to be a bald eagle soaring and fishing. Site #7 had some really cool remnants of old mansions...specifically fireplaces. No photo (what was I thinking). We then paddled across the lake over to sites 21 and 22. We then checked out #10 which we had heard was the best. Well it had a beach, other than that it wasn't that great. Better than the south shore sites tho. Made camp and relaxed a bit. Then paddled around the island and past site #11 on the point. Saw 10 loons. Got a photo of 8 of them all at once. Made foil dinners and biscuits for supper. Boy were the mosquitoes bad! On Saturday we awoke early. Ate a quick breakfast and packed up lunch. We paddled the rest of the perimeter of LTL. Site #12 seemed very nice. Paddled upstream to Rock Pond. Carried over a few beaver dams and used the portage around the rapids. Rock pond was gorgeous. Really neat rock formations on the southern shore beyond the island. The island was an awesome spot for lunch and appears to be a great camp site. Even the snapping turtle agreed. He was there to greet us at the landing. The seagulls on the small island were not to happy as we approached,, so we turned away. Never found the portage to Hartigans. Paddled back to camp. On the way out, we passed almost everyone else from LTL going to Rock Pond, thus we ended up having both Rock Pond and LTL to ourselves. Took some naps as we had paddled about 12 miles. Made spaghetti with pesto for dinner. Wind picked up at night. Made the tarps flap in the wind. Still very windy in the AM. As soon as we started bfast the rain came. And boy did it come. We were drenched packing up camp. By the time we put-in and started back to HQ, the rain had stopped. It was still quite windy which helped us as it was to our backs. We had no idea of the time we left but it was 9:20 when we got to the car.

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