Sunday, March 30, 2008

Chub Pond in BLACK RIVER WF. Aarons Sausage Trip.

Me, Aaron, Rich, Toby, Chris, Todd, and Glen. This was Toby's first winter trip and the weather cooperated. Sunny days and frigid night (4.6*F). 11am Backpack with snowshoes to Chub Pond (4.4mi). Reading the shelter journal, it didn't seem like this was a well visited spot. Odd, considering its beauty and not so difficult terrain. Perhaps the other leanto is more popular. Collected wood, Aaron carried a dead pine tree across the frozen lake. It provided plenty of wood. Aaron cooked sausages on the fire. Sophomoroc humor followed for the next few hours. Clear sky at night, Capella, Sirius and Betelgeuse were the first stars to appear directly above the lake. The rest of the constellations filled in shortly after. Woke up in middle of night to hear coyotes. Apparently a few decided to check us out and one was keenly interested in Glen's tent. Hike out began with a steep hill for 3/4mile. At some point after we arrived, a few snowmobiles had packed down the trail which, until us, was undisturbed snow. Second 2 miles out went very quickly.

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