Monday, May 26, 2008

Trip to High Peaks (actually DIX MOUNTAIN WA).

Drove in with WinterWarlock (Scott) on friday night. We spent the night at the DEC campground in Wilmington Notch. On Saturday we met Kim (Adventurous) and Courtney (Leaf) and we climbed Mt Colvin and Mt Blake. It was exactly 5000ft of elevation (only because Scott held his GPS over his head at the car to give us the last foot). 15.85miles total. We went back to the campground and I cooked dinner for Scott, myself and Seth, Adam who we are planning on climbing a few more peaks the next day. I cooked NY Strips and Scalloped potatoes. Adam and Seth brought the beer. The next day I and Scott were to sore to hike the other peaks (me more than him, that knee problem of mine again...grrr). We bailed after a mile into the Eastern High Peaks from the Loj. Scott and I hiked into the Gorge and Wilmington Notch and then did some fishing in the Ausable River. No luck though Scott caught his forearm with a fly. We met up with Adam and Seth at the 46R banquet where Adam got his 46R certificate. Great trip boy is my body sore.